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al·che·my [al-kuh-mee]

noun, plural al·che·mies

A form of chemistry and philosophy concerned with changing base metals into precious ones, finding a universal remedy and an elixir of life. Any magical power or process that changes a common substance into something of value.

All Alchemy pieces are Sterling Silver, with some followed by the process of Black Rhodium, Rose Gold or Gold Flash Plating for fashion finish.

To care for your plated pieces, please avoid wearing, during bathing, during exercise, or where heavy perfumes, detergents and moisturisers are in use.

Rhodium, Rose Gold or Gold plating is progressively removed by normal wear. You will notice wear will mostly appear on the parts of the jewellery that are in contact with skin or hard surfaces- like the underside of a cuff for example.

The resulting finish is a Silver ombre combination that some people love!

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