Karen Walker Acorn & Leaf Pendulum Earrings - Sterling Silver

Karen Walker

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Acorn and Leaf Pendulum Earrings Silver

Playing with asymmetry, the acorn and leaf interchange like magic a trompe de l’oeil for the wearer’s profile. Anchored in the evangelical, the acorn and oak leaf are both a symbol for the gods and a link in Karen Walker DNA. In sterling silver, the organic-in-design acorn has been miniaturised alongside an oak leaf for equal part elegance and whimsy. 

Height - 61mm overall

Acorn height - 9mm 
Acorn width - 4mm
Acorn chain length - 22mm

Leaf height - 12mm
Leaf width - 5.5mm
Leaf chain length - 48mm


Style code: KW346_STG

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