Boh Runga - Stellar Rose Pendant

Boh Runga

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The ‘Heroine’ necklace and the ‘Star’ of the show. Bridged by sterling silver feature chains in differing gauges The Starburst and The Starburst Button sparkle at the pinpoints of a drape, like an alluring smile.

Inspired by the stellar* asterisk and by the stars in the Southern skies. A sparkling pattern featuring 21 stones that celebrate the coming of age and the joy of life.

Measurements (Approx): 

Starburst size: 16mm H x 16mm W
Button size: 10.7mm
Weight: 9.8g
Metal: 925 Silver
Stone: Cubic zirconia
Chain length: 70cm adjustable (70cm, 65cm, 60cm)

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