Swarovski - Idyllia: Frog Bee and Strawberry


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Immerse yourself in the magical world of nature with the Swarovski crystal figurine "Little Frog in the Garden". This artistic masterpiece captures the moment when the curious frog discovers a juicy strawberry branch and admires the beauty of the garden. In addition to the cute frog, the figurine also features an elegant bee landing on a flower, as well as detailed leaves and shiny painted metal. With a total of 424 facets, this crystal figurine is a real eye-catcher and brings the joys of nature directly into your home. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this work of art and feel the emotions it awakens in you. Awaken your senses with the Swarovski crystal figurine "Little Frog in the Garden" and bring a pinch of closeness to nature into your home.

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