Posted on by Brent Weatherall

ASTRA creates beautiful sparkling jewellery, designed in New Zealand.
Each ASTRA tells a story.
New Zealand, the place we live, is breathtakingly beautiful. We are surrounded by green hills, blue sea and pure air. We enjoy our open spaces where nature inspires incredible thinking.

On a clear summer night, four young energetic people ventured out for an evening under the stars. We lay on our backs staring up at the expansive Milky Way. We admired the countless stars in the night, glittering like fireworks in a crystal clear galaxy. Each shimmering and twinkling star tells a beautiful love story.

That evening we realized how fortunate we are to live in a country with such beauty. We would like to share this wonderful spectacle with our friends from around the world. We dreamed of catching the fire of stars and keeping it in a locket for someone we love. We invented ASTRA. Each ASTRA has a sparkle inside for a very special person in our life.

Our open heart is like two ASTRA crystal lenses containing the sparkle of love. The symbols and stories found within our open minds are re-created in hues of silver and gold.
Each ASTRA tells a story. These stories are set in the clear, deep New Zealand sky. Our ASTRA team strives to take these stories to people across the globe.

Created by us, for you to share.